Foulden Hall is located in the centre of Foulden and is the hub for all community activities. Its large hall is ideal for badminton, dances, parties and other activities

****UPDATE 11TH DECEMBER 2020****

The Annual General Meeting of the Foulden Village Hall Management Committee is normally held in November each year. The Office of the Scottish Charity Register (OSCR) has agreed that in the light of the present Covid-19 regulations, charity AGMs can be postponed until such time as the general public can be invited to attend.

Accordingly the Committee has agreed to postpone the Hall AGM for the time being. The Annual Report and Accounts have been tabled with OSCR in accordance with the Constitution and are available online there (Scottish Charity Number SC033257).

The Committee has agreed to the co-option of Linda Barrett and Andy Manley to the Committee, the reappointment of the Chair (Tim Morris), the Secretary (Lynn Burgess) and the Treasurer (Andy Manley).

Irene Williams is retiring as Booking Secretary and her place will be taken by Lynda Shepard.

All these appointments and other decisions will be ratified as and when the AGM can take place.

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