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Soup Kitchen


Preparedness ,  Response , Recovery


Volunteering and helping one another does not need to be organised centrally by government or by the local authority. Local Community Councils and individuals, who are prepared and able to respond effectively, can deal with local issues.


  • Clearing of snow from pathways of people who are unable to clear those themselves, to allow access 

  • Clearing of snow from school and nursery access routes

  • Placing of sandbags in risk areas to prevent flooding, placing domestic flood gates into position

  • Delivery of supplies during severe weather, for example: shopping, emergency drinking water delivery

  • Provision of hot drinks and assistance within community centres and village halls

  • Checking on neighbours to ensure their safety and well-being during severe weather.

Why now?​

Residents self-isolating and shielding during the COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the need for us to support each other.  The Community Council existing links to Scottish Borders Council(SBC) and contacts within the community mean it is in a good position to coordinate this support.


With support from the Emergency planning at SBC we will:

Draw up a plan

  • Complete a skills survey of the community, for example who has a 4x4 vehicle? Or who is willing to use a snow shovel?

  • Store resources

  • Undergo training

However bringing this skills survey plan up to date has been delayed by the COVID 19 pandemic.


Andy Manley

Area Assistants

Lamberton          Ian Price

Mordington         Julia Trotter/Tom Trotter

Foulden               Elaine Oswald

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